Mt. Carmel Presbyterian Church



First Presbyterian Church

403 South Main

Covington, TN 38019


The First Presbyterian Church and the picturesque Mount Carmel Presbyterian Church of Mount four miles away united in ministry in September 2000.  The membership and assets of the Mount Carmel church joined with the larger First Presbyterian Church and now operates as a single ministry.


Since the merger in 2000, the Mount Carmel Presbyterian Church continues to be a place of occasional worship and other church activities.  Picnics, retreats, and special worship services such as weddings and choir cantatas are held at the church.  Though the church does not hold regular weekly worship services, the church has a long history of mission and ministry in the name of Jesus Christ.  In fact, the site is now listed on the National Historic Register as a landmark significant for Tennessee and United States history.

The Church is available for Wedding.  For more information contact First Presbyterian Church, Covington, TN (901) 476-2434 or email us.


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